Live dealer in the casino

If earlier in virtual casinos it was pоssible to play only with robots, then today a new product has appeared in the gaming field – a live dеaler cаsino. Serious institutions offer their customers the opportunity to play cards or roulette not with a “bot”, but a very real person who has undergone special training. As a rule, an attractive guy or girl who leads the game is invited to this position: they communicate with the players, accept bets, announce the results.
Live dеaler provides a special atmosphere, creates an entourage, you feel like in a real casino. This is exactly what was missing before visitors to virtual gambling establishments. But live dealer games can only be played on licensed serious resources, such as Shangri La. The gameplay is not so easy to organize, it requires some investment and effort.
Why is the live dealer gаme more intеresting?
In the licensed оnline cаsino play more interesting and enjoyable, as you are provided with live communication, independence from the settings of the RNG, which are often of concern to players. You have the opportunity to observe every movement and action of the croupier. The game process is controlled not by a random number generator, but by chance, because all actions are performed by a live person: it starts the ball, deals the cards, etc.
What gаmes are available for live dеaler оnline cаsino players?
Today there are a lot of such games, with a live dеaler you can play gаmes that are available in a real casino:
Black Jack
The deck is shuffled by a live dealer, just like in a regular establishment. It may seem that this is an advantage for players who know how to count cards. But the creators of the site prudently made it so that visitors have no opportunity to deceive the system. Those cards that have already been won back are not transferred to the shoe, the dealer cuts it off or blows half of it in the dark. This makes it impossible to count the cards, you can only rely on your luck.

The advantages of online casinos!

The popularity of online casinos grew significantly in the late 90s due to the Internet boom, skillful marketing, and also due to the active promotion of poker games – a factor that made online casinos modern. This growth allowed online casinos to reach world-class heights and provided opportunities equivalent to real casinos. But what exactly makes online casinos so attractive for players and how did you manage to transform a new product into such a demanded product?
The main reason was the ease of use, which is still the highlight of the game process. There is no longer a need to leave a cozy home or spend time on occasional long trips to play your favorite casino game. All this becomes possible thanks to several mouse movements on your home or laptop computer.
Blackjack, Kraps, Baccarat, Roulette and poker tables are now available within your room, garden, office or even a cafe at a convenient time for you, and so on. For example, you will simply be amazed by the number of students, the essay and at the same time playing poker or casino online.
You can talk on the phone or chat with friends while playing online.
But you are not physically present in a real casino and do not experience its atmosphere. Is it good or bad? Compare yourself:
1. Music – yours, the one that you like!
2. Coffee – made exactly to your taste, but you need to cook yourself.
3. You can always watch TV while playing.
4. Choose your social circle yourself.
5. The cost of movement – 0!
However, playing in a convenient location does not offer such casino amenities as a restaurant or bar, where you can always have a bite to eat and drink something unique, and even presented on a tray directly to your table by an attractive waitress. In the online casino you have to do everything yourself.
But if you are primarily attracted by money, then you are on the way with an online casino.
The total payout percentage in online casinos is about 97.5%, and on slot machines – 92% to 98%. For comparison, payout data in Vegas is 87% and 94% respectively.


The game is divided into rounds, although their number and duration may be different depending on the results of the rolls of the dice. For a player, such a division of the game is important only in that some bets can be made only before the first throw in the round (come out roll); others only – after the first cast; There are also bets that can be made both before and after the start of the round. After the bets are made, click the Roll button (Throw) and the first round of the game will begin.
If the sum of 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 is thrown first in the round, the round ends immediately. There is a payment of winning bets, lost bets are lost. After which the next round will again be the first dice are thrown again – and this will again be the first throw in the round.
If the amount of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (these numbers are called the point) is thrown first, a special washer is turned on the field with the corresponding number, turned upwards with the inscription “ON”. This means that the item is defined, the round continues. Calculations with winners and losers are made after each throw, and roll the dice until the same point or 7 falls out – only then the round is considered completed, the puck is turned to the OFF position, the next roll will be the first in the new round.
Before the bones are thrown, you can bet on various fields on the table. Bets are placed by clicking on the table in accordance with the selected face value of the bet.
When playing craps it is necessary to remember that each throw is in no way connected with the previous one. That is, if, for example, 7 did not fall 10 times in a row, then its probability in the 11th roll will be the same as in the first. Therefore, no strategy based on the loss of the previous figures can not be. The most profitable in terms of a refund game is to combine a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet with a BUY or LAY bet. It is not profitable to bet with a large percentage of casinos. But remember that these probabilities will appear only in the long-term game. In this case, the payments at the most “favorable” rates are small.


The most common types of video poker are:
10 and above (Tens or better) – a couple of tens and above plays. The payout for two pairs is a reduced payout of 1: 1.
Jack or better – details are given above
Bonus Poker (Bonus Poker) – individual combinations are usually quads on aces, pictures or small cards are paid in an increased amount. In compensation of this, two pairs, three, street are paid at a reduced amount
Joker Poker (Joker Poker) – the game comes with one or two jokers. The joker replaces any card. Naturally, when playing with a joker, the likelihood of getting higher combinations increases significantly. In compensation, payment is usually from two pairs. A flash royal and a flash street with a joker are usually paid at a reduced rate. The maximum possible combination in poker 5 of kind appears.
Deuces Wild Deuces – Deuces become jokers. Play combinations starting with three. Sometimes, in addition to twos, the joker is also played.
Linear video poker – the game is based on the number of lines from 3 to 12 (sometimes more). At the same time, at the first hand, the cards that fell on the first line are repeated on all lines. Those cards that you left after the first hand remain on all playing lines. Cards that come after the exchange will be different for each line. If the winning hand immediately comes from the first hand, it will repeat and play on all the lines. Payments are made for each line, depending on the combination. With this option, with a favorable first hand, for example, four cards fell out of a flash grand piano, it is easier to tighten the maximum combination.
Paid exchange of cards – for the exchange of cards is charged at the rate of the original rate. At the same time, the payment for combinations increased by an average of 2 times.
Accumulative bonus – if some combinations fall out, for example pairs of pictures, bonus points are added. When accumulating a certain amount of bonus points, a certain amount is put into the player’s account.
Jackpot – when a flash grand piano falls out, a progressive jackpot is paid, where a certain percentage of bets are deducted from each unit. The entire amount of the jackpot is paid when playing at the maximum bet. At a lower rate paid part of the jackpot.
There are a lot of different variants and combinations of video poker, pay tables. Learn the rules in each casino.

Gambling Builder – online casino software

The cоmpany Gambling Builder has been on the gambling sоftware market for a long time and has already managed to firmly and reliably settle on it.
This company has its own characteristics that help its products to advance in the gambling market at a steady pace to the very top of the business.
One of the features and unique features of Gаmbling Builder is the fact that the software provided does not need to be downloaded and can be played on the casino site without registering, which is very convenient. Another characteristic feature of Gambling Builder is the fact that any person who has a certain amount of funds can become the founder or even the owner of an online casino operating on the company’s platform. You can promote this casino yourself and assign it a unique domain name.
In addition, the company supports and assists its clients in all matters of interest. With Gambling Builder you get all the statistical information and the ability to enter your funds at any time and in any quantity. In addition, Gambling Builder provides you with forty percent of all profits, three percent of all bets lost in a casino are considered profit.
In essence, the casino that offers Gаmbling Builder is nothing more than Whitelabel. Whitelabel is not just a casino, but a branch of the main casino. The owner of Whitelabel is not engaged in supporting players, either settling with players or their support, etc.
Now this is a task developed casinos. The entire casino network works only with standard payment systems, which allows you to constantly and instantly replenish the balance in the same way as to withdraw the winnings. Gambling Builder takes security very seriously and uses only the latest cryptography technologies to keep confidentiality on all financial transactions.
If we talk about the number of casinos developed on the plаtform of Gаmbling Builder, then it can be argued that they are quite a lot. Some of the most famous are Erotic, Classic, Beach and others. As a rule, these casinos offer customers standard games. You can play both for real money and in test mode. If you wish, you have the opportunity to play with a live dealer.