The game is divided into rounds, although their number and duration may be different depending on the results of the rolls of the dice. For a player, such a division of the game is important only in that some bets can be made only before the first throw in the round (come out roll); others only – after the first cast; There are also bets that can be made both before and after the start of the round. After the bets are made, click the Roll button (Throw) and the first round of the game will begin.
If the sum of 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 is thrown first in the round, the round ends immediately. There is a payment of winning bets, lost bets are lost. After which the next round will again be the first dice are thrown again – and this will again be the first throw in the round.
If the amount of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (these numbers are called the point) is thrown first, a special washer is turned on the field with the corresponding number, turned upwards with the inscription “ON”. This means that the item is defined, the round continues. Calculations with winners and losers are made after each throw, and roll the dice until the same point or 7 falls out – only then the round is considered completed, the puck is turned to the OFF position, the next roll will be the first in the new round.
Before the bones are thrown, you can bet on various fields on the table. Bets are placed by clicking on the table in accordance with the selected face value of the bet.
When playing craps it is necessary to remember that each throw is in no way connected with the previous one. That is, if, for example, 7 did not fall 10 times in a row, then its probability in the 11th roll will be the same as in the first. Therefore, no strategy based on the loss of the previous figures can not be. The most profitable in terms of a refund game is to combine a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet with a BUY or LAY bet. It is not profitable to bet with a large percentage of casinos. But remember that these probabilities will appear only in the long-term game. In this case, the payments at the most “favorable” rates are small.

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