The most common types of video poker are:
10 and above (Tens or better) – a couple of tens and above plays. The payout for two pairs is a reduced payout of 1: 1.
Jack or better – details are given above
Bonus Poker (Bonus Poker) – individual combinations are usually quads on aces, pictures or small cards are paid in an increased amount. In compensation of this, two pairs, three, street are paid at a reduced amount
Joker Poker (Joker Poker) – the game comes with one or two jokers. The joker replaces any card. Naturally, when playing with a joker, the likelihood of getting higher combinations increases significantly. In compensation, payment is usually from two pairs. A flash royal and a flash street with a joker are usually paid at a reduced rate. The maximum possible combination in poker 5 of kind appears.
Deuces Wild Deuces – Deuces become jokers. Play combinations starting with three. Sometimes, in addition to twos, the joker is also played.
Linear video poker – the game is based on the number of lines from 3 to 12 (sometimes more). At the same time, at the first hand, the cards that fell on the first line are repeated on all lines. Those cards that you left after the first hand remain on all playing lines. Cards that come after the exchange will be different for each line. If the winning hand immediately comes from the first hand, it will repeat and play on all the lines. Payments are made for each line, depending on the combination. With this option, with a favorable first hand, for example, four cards fell out of a flash grand piano, it is easier to tighten the maximum combination.
Paid exchange of cards – for the exchange of cards is charged at the rate of the original rate. At the same time, the payment for combinations increased by an average of 2 times.
Accumulative bonus – if some combinations fall out, for example pairs of pictures, bonus points are added. When accumulating a certain amount of bonus points, a certain amount is put into the player’s account.
Jackpot – when a flash grand piano falls out, a progressive jackpot is paid, where a certain percentage of bets are deducted from each unit. The entire amount of the jackpot is paid when playing at the maximum bet. At a lower rate paid part of the jackpot.
There are a lot of different variants and combinations of video poker, pay tables. Learn the rules in each casino.

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